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Configure Travis


Before you can make use of Jenkins in Spinnaker, you’ll need to configure access to your Jenkins masters.

Configuring Travis in your Spinnaker instance with Halyard is pretty easy, but there are a few “gotchas” to watch out for.

Configure Travis

First, configure your Travis master:

hal config ci travis master add Travis --address --base-url --github-token

(If you’re using a private Travis account, change the addresses appropriately)

For reference, you can look at the Spinnaker docs

Enable Travis

Next, enable Travis with Halyard:

hal config ci travis enable

Update igor-local.yml (Temporary Fix)

This is currently a bug with OSS halyard; doing the above will cause Igor to go into a CrashLoopBackoff state. The fix for this is to go into your <profile>/profiles/ directory and add (or update, if you already have one) igor-local.yml. Add this section:

    enabled: true

Enable Travis Stages

If you want to be able to run Travis jobs as a stage in your pipeline, you’ll need to enable the stage as well:

hal config features edit --travis true


Now you should be able to hal deploy apply and when your services have restarted, you should be able to trigger pipelines off Travis builds, and see a Travis stage option in your pipelines.