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Armory Spinnaker Documentation

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud Continuous Delivery and Deployment platform that provides a single pane of glass with visibility across your deployment for deployment status, infrastructure, security and compliance, and metrics. By using pipelines, flexible and customizable series of deployment stages, Spinnaker can fit a variety of deployment needs. Spinnaker can deploy to and manage clusters across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Spinnaker not only enables businesses to move to the cloud but makes it easier for them to adopt the cloud’s advantages.

Armory Spinnaker is an enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker that forms the core of Armory’s Platform. Armory’s Platform helps software teams ship better software, faster. It is preconfigured and runs in your Kubernetes cluster. The platform is an extension of open source Spinnaker and includes all those benefits as well as the following:

  • Pipeline as Code (Dinghy) allows you to store Spinnaker pipelines in Github and manage them like you would manage code, including version control, templatization, and modularization. Spinnaker pipelines are flexible and customizable series of deployment stages. Combine all these to rapidly and repeatably scale pipelines in your Spinnaker deployment.
  • Armory Spinnaker Operator helps you configure, deploy, and update Spinnaker on Kubernetes clusters. The proprietary Armory Spinnaker Operator has extended functionality not available in the Open Source Spinnaker Operator.
  • Policy Engine helps you meet compliance requirements based on custom policies you set. You can configure the Policy Engine to verify that your pipelines meet certain requirements at save time or at runtime.
  • Terraform integration allows you to use your existing Terraform scripts to plan and create infrastructure as part a Spinnaker pipeline. You can deploy your application and infrastructure all in a single pipeline.
  • Pipelines as CRD (PaCRD) is a Kubernetes controller that manages the lifecycle of Spinnaker applications and pipelines as objects within your cluster. PaCRD extends Kubernetes functionality to support Spinnaker Application and Pipeline objects that can be observed for changes through a mature lifecycle management API. (Experimental feature).


Overview of Spinnaker, Nomenclature, Applications, Pipelines, Load Balancers, Glossary

Armory Spinnaker

Highlights of Armory’s enterprise version of Spinnaker

Installation and Administration Guides

Installation and Administration Guides

Spinnaker User Guides

Spinnaker Guides for Developers and Users

Spinnaker Operator Reference

The Spinnaker Operator is a Kubernetes operator that makes it easier to install, deploy, and upgrade any version of Spinnaker. This section describes the fields in SpinnakerService CRD and example manifests.

Release Notes

Armory Halyard and Armory Spinnaker release notes